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In the 1960's the British Pig Industry discovered the benefits of rearing pigs in controlled environment buildings. This complete with genetic improvements to the pig allowed the UK to lead the world in the supply of breeding animals for some years.
Brick and concrete wall construction was replaced by quicker and more cost effective methods.

Mick Warkup, founder of AM Warkup Ltd, developed his own system of constructing pig buildings using prefabricated panels which would give building structures a more robust, cost effective, flexible design and enable speed of erection on site.
AM Warkup started trading in 1963 and found instant success building many new pig units in Yorkshire & Lincolnshire. Many of these still survive to this day !

More and more of the building elements were factory built further reducing site times, thus becoming more economic to operate throughout the U.K. Panel production techniques and materials have changed and improved over the years, improving longevity and cost, but the basic principles remain the same.

The British Pig Industry attracted many overseas visitors keen to improve their own industries. This led to opportunities for building shells to be exported for local erection and fitting.

Computer technology allows acurate and speedy design, making it possible for us to deliver a fast and effective service world wide, whatever your local requirements may be. We can train erectors here in the UK or send you a qualified foreman to train local labour force.

Our standard building range has been designed to give the most cost effective building shell that fits around modern efficient pig production systems. We have several options for insulation values to take into account local climatic conditions. There are also choices of material to suit customer choice and area building regulations. If the standard range does not suit your requirement, we can design a package to suit.

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