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Farrowing Crates & Troughs

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AMW Floating Rail Farrowing Crate
AMW Standard galvanised floating rail farrowing crate.
A tried and tested design which employs floating rail technology to significantly reduce overlying and gives excellent teat presentation.
The standard model is a fixed crate but a side opening variation is available on request.
The crates are effective for use in fully, semi-slatted and solid floor farrowing pens. The holding down arrangements can be altered to suit most applications.
Side opening farrowing crates.
The possibility of releasing the sow from the confines of the crate a few days after farrowing is provided by the Warkup freedom farrowing crate. Whilst there is no legislative requirement to provide an opening crate some people, from personal choice, believe that the system is the way to go. This crate fulfils that requirement. Studies have shown that in spite of the crate being kept closed during the crucial first days the overall performance gives a slight increase in piglet mortality.
AMW Side Opening Crate
Stainless Steel Farrowing Troughs
AMW Split or non-split stainless steel or galvanised farrowing troughs.
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