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Farrowing Crates & Troughs
Our range of farrowing crates are offered in floating rail and side opening options.
All fully galvanised after manufacture and can be offered with our options of galvanised or stainless steel feed troughs.
We can also supply "bolt on" drinker sets which incorporate a sow drinker and rear or front piglet drinker, all in stainless steel pipework.
Fixing down kits are also available to suit your particular chosen flooring type.

Floating rail farrowing crate
AMW Standard galvanised floating rail farrowing crate.
A tried and tested design which employs floating rail technology to significantly reduce overlying and gives excellent teat presentation.
The standard model is a fixed crate but a side opening variation is available on request.
The crates are effective for use in fully, semi-slatted and solid floor farrowing pens. The crate holding down arrangements can be altered to suit most applications.
Side opening farrowing crate
Stainless steel non split trough
The AMW Standard side opening farrowing crate.
Particularly useful in large farrowing rooms where
loading and unloading sows can be time consuming.
Unlike the floating rail crate the rails in this model are fixed
although the crate width is adjustable.
Stainless steel farrowing crate troughs.
All farrowing crate models feature these sturdy stainless
steel troughs, with or without dividers.

Stainless steel split trough
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