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Crystal Spring Feeders

Exclusively from AM Warkup Ltd

A robust, highly efficient and flexible solution to feeding, the Crystal Spring has established itself as one of the most popular feeders on the market.
A full range of nursery and finisher stainless steel feeders.The original wet/dry feeder feeds up to 10 pigs per feed space.
Pigs choose to eat dry feed from the shelf or combine feed and water in the trough.
Improve daily gain while decreasing feed and water wasteage.
Patented EZ-Adjust is quick, easy, and repeatable, providing precise feed flow control in 1.5 mm increments.
Trough divider and low lip height allow the feeders to be used in wean-to-finish facilities.
Proven to be the industry’s most profitable feeder.
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Crystal Spring Feeder
Crystal Spring feeder
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