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Nursery Accommodation

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MeatSpeed Classic Nursery
Nursery Accommodation
Flat decks have long been the mainstay of high performance weaning accommodation. They are still available and sometimes built. The development of the "Big Pen" system using AM Warkup's building expertise and practical husbandry knowledge has led to the rapid rise in popularity of big pen nurseries. Combined with this alternative is the trend towards cutting out a move at around the traditional U.K. weight of 15kg to 20kg's and taking the pigs weaned into big pens to 35kg or 40kg's in the same facility.
This has been made possible and indeed many would say desirable, because of AM Warkups adoption of Skov ventilation systems capable and sensitive enough to provide accurate patterns and amounts of air over this range of weights. There are many factors influencing the system chosen and a contact to our sales team can start this process of elimination and choice.
Nursery Accommodation
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