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Plastic Slatted Flooring

Ikadan Ultraflex slatted flooring is very effective in the most demanding environments.
The modular design allows a mixture of polypropylene, cast iron and polymer concrete units to be combined.
They form hygienic, hardwearing and comfortable floors for farrowing sows, piglets, weaner pigs and older growing pigs.
Integral heat mats run on either water or electricity.
Ikadan heat pad
Ikadan slatted flooring
Using the right Ikadan slat, or combination of slats, provides non slip surfaces, minimal injuries, optimum manure fall through, comfortable temperatures, easy cleaning and durability.
A cutting and welding service allows odd sizes of slats to be supplied to fit non modular layouts.
Weaner slat
Ikadan weaner slat
Solid slat
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